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FusionFall: Retro status update: 4/19/17

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FusionFall: Retro status update: 4/19/17

Post by Nicole on Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:27 pm

Womayhem wrote:Hey guys, womayhem here with a status update on FusionFall Retro! We’ve been cracking hard on getting Retro up and running, and we’re finally ready to release some information on where we are, what we plan to do, and how we plan on getting there! Buckle in, this is a bit of a lengthy post, but we’re aiming for full transparency and detailing where we’re at.

To start, FusionFall Retro will launch with most of the components FusionFall was built with. This includes everything you guys need to get into the Future, do some fun missions, get your favorite Nanos, hang out with your friends, and complete the Future through level four. We’ve done away with closed alpha and are moving forward with a release to get the game in your guys’ hands.

Features we plan on including in our first release include:
  Fusion Matter
  Character Saving

That’s a hefty bit of features, but that still leaves out trading, groups, buddies, eggs, races, croc pots, and of course, the Past. We’re aiming to roll out these features over the course of several updates. Our primary focus is getting FusionFall Retro, playable, in your guys’ hands as quickly as we can!

We’re classifying this first release as our open beta. Everyone will be free to jump in and experience the Future as you remember it! Once we have the rest of the primary game features in place, we’ll transition from the Future to the Past and allow players through to the rest of the game!

We would like to continue relaying our updates and status as development of Retro draws nearer to its release. Please look forward to future developments regarding FusionFall Retro!
It may be confirrmed or not. You can talk about it on General(Non-club section)

If anyone is about to ask about Retro. I'm gonna say some answers.
-Retro is not going to have Beta Keys.
-May be in Open Beta.
-No release date is set.
-No Open Beta date set, yet.
-The past won't be accessible once Open beta comes you'll be stuck in the future until the past gets fixed. You can still complete missions until it's available.
If there's more answer to some questions or such, please comment if I'm missing anything. This is to newcomers and everyone, and please DM me or make a new topic if i missed anything about it.

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