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FusionFall Retro Status Update - 12/20/16 bv Kevman

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FusionFall Retro Status Update - 12/20/16 bv Kevman

Post by Nicole on Wed Dec 21, 2016 3:31 pm

Sadly, It has been delayed due to the server that needs to rewrite from the start, It's not the Client or the Game that needs the redo, It is the server. I know it's very bumming, but They will fix it to take long as they can to fix it! It could be even 6-9 months to fix it all until Summer release. or shortly to fix it to have a stable server for all of us!
Kevman on FFU forums wrote:It is with deep regret that we must announce that our plans for Launching FusionFall Retro have changed. Despite our greatest efforts and hard work, we’ve come to the very difficult conclusion that everything that more development time is required before we release a playable build to the public.

   As it stands right now, FusionFall Retro’s launch date is unknown as we work through our server rewrite.

   We will continue work as hard as we can in order to release the game. That said, FusionFall Retro is currently not playable. As a result of previously unforeseen circumstances, our current setup in regards to how the server works does not allow for our previous plan of a release by this year’s end.

   Previously, we assumed Retro could be launched full scale using our previously built infrastructure. We were wrong, and as a result, the entire system has to be redone. That sounds a little scary considering how long it has taken to come this far, but we’ve learned much in the past year that should allow for the process to go much smoother than initial tests. FusionFall was programmed almost a decade ago by primarily non-english speakers, so trying to get things working has been rough. A majority of the work has been guesswork.

   While we found out the system had to be redone, we were initially optimistic that it could be completed, regardless of a system rewrite. After all, we want nothing more than for everyone to be able to play FusionFall as soon as possible. However, as a result of the busy holiday season and a sudden pick-up in more important life things like schooling, time ran short. It’s important to note that the FusionFall Retro team is very small. If one member is out, that typically means that day is gone.

   Our current plan moving forward is continue the rewrite as previously stated and further work on the remaining features that must be implemented in order for the game to run as intended. Above all else we want to ensure that we can launch the game without any issues that could potentially break characters or ruin gameplay. It’s important for us to ensure that FusionFall Retro  functions exactly as it should before we release.

   This has been a hard decision and announcement to make, but it is what is, and we’re moving forward with our heads up. We want Retro out as soon as possible. We want the community to be playing as soon as possible, and we want everyone to experience and enjoy it as soon as possible.

   As always, be sure to stick with FusionFall Universe for updates regarding development.

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